At Green Genomix, our mission is simple - we aim to maximize the health benefits of cannabinoids through scientific discovery.

Green Genomix was founded on the belief that in order to maximize the medicinal potential of cannabis we need to study and understand how different cannabinoids produce different effects, which cannabinoids most effectively treat certain ailments, and how individuals' genetics govern their unique experience with cannabinoids. That’s why Green Genomix conducts individual-level genetic testing to find the products that will best relieve chronic pain, help one live a more energetic day, enable a quality night’s rest, and more. We believe the more we understand people on an individual level, the more effectively we can help maximize their well-being and overall happiness.

Leadership Team:

Headshot of Jackson Rowland

Jackson Rowland

Co-Founder & CEO

Jackson is a serial entrepreneur who started an edu-tech company, has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Colorado, and has more than three years of scientific research experience. It is Jackson’s number one priority to maximize the medicinal benefits of cannabis to improve individuals’ well-being.

Headshot of Aaron Moss

Aaron Moss

Co-Founder & COO, Lead Developer

Aaron is a computer scientist and serial entrepreneur with over six years of programming experience. Aaron started a software company and also worked for an edu-tech startup as a lead software engineer. Aaron works closely with Jackson towards fulfilling the company's mission and vision.

Headshot of Alex Little

Alex Little, Ph.D.

Principle Scientist

Alex received his PhD at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. His work focused primarily on genetic regulation and biochemistry. Alex is an author on several manuscripts and has given 10+ scientific research presentations.

Headshot of Dr. Phillip Blair

Dr. Phillip Blair

Medical Advisor

COL Philip Blair, MD, graduated from West Point ’72, trained in Family Medicine, served as a combat physician in Gulf War and retired after 29 years in uniform. He manages complex diseases for workers insurance program and since 2014 he has been treating, consulting and lecturing on the nonpsychoactive cannabidiol.

Headshot of Corey Bridges

Corey Bridges


Corey has worked at the intersection of high technology and popular culture through his career. As a founding team member at Netflix, a pre-IPO Netscape product manager, and the founder and CEO of digital genomics company LifeMap Solutions, Corey has helped transform disruptive high-tech startups into industry-dominating powerhouses.

Headshot of Jeanne Sullivan

Jeanne Sullivan


Jeanne is a co-founder of StarVest Partners, a venture capital firm in NYC and long-time tech investor. Prior to her investing experience, Jeanne served in operating roles at AT&T and Bell Labs as part of an entrepreneurial team building innovative products in image processing and high end computing. Jeanne is a fierce advocate for ending the war on drugs.

Headshot of Sarah Gersten

Sarah Gersten


Sarah is an attorney and serves as the Executive Director of Steve DeAngelo’s Last Prisoner Project. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and a member of the NORML Legal Committee and the International Cannabis Bar Association.