Partnering with Green Genomix

Why partner with Green Genomix?

When we choose partners we’re committing to creating value for them in the short term and long term, opening up new opportunities for them, and ultimately helping further their mission. We’re creating a living community that shares the same values - through our team, our customers, and our partners - join us as we grow this community.

Who do we partner with?

If you’re a retailer, affiliate marketer, medical practitioner, or cannabis/hemp product manufacturer then we’d love to talk about how you can offer our DNA test kits at your store, practice, or on your website to help your customers better solve their medicinal needs. We’re also seeking partnerships with science/medical researchers and educators to enhance medical cannabis research and provide the community with access to reliable scientific information.

Whats our mission and vision?

At Green Genomix, our mission is simple - we aim to maximize the health benefits of cannabinoids through scientific discovery. Green Genomix was founded on the belief that in order to maximize the medicinal potential of cannabis we need to study and understand how different cannabinoids produce different effects, which cannabinoids most effectively treat certain ailments, and how individuals’ genetics govern their unique experience with cannabinoids. That’s why Green Genomix conducts individual-level genetic testing to find the products that will best relieve chronic pain, help one live a more energetic day, enable a quality night’s rest, and more. We believe the more we understand people on an individual level, the more effectively we can help maximize their well-being and overall happiness.

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