Informed Research Consent

Part of Green Genomix’s mission is to contribute to meaningful scientific discoveries by enabling individuals to participate directly in the research and development we and our partners conduct on aggregate anonymized genetic and self-reported data. Our research aims to give the scientific community a more comprehensive data set in order to fully understand the influence that genetic variants have on the effects of cannabinoids in the human body. In turn, these studies will equip researchers and members of the medical community to more effectively utilize cannabis as a treatment for a wide range of illnesses.

While we are committed to this mission, we recognize the importance of maintaining the security and privacy of our customers’ data. We have implemented and continually improve on a robust set of policies and procedures to maintain customer privacy and data security. Additionally, participation in our research studies is completely voluntary and you can opt out at any time.

This Informed Consent to Research relates to research that may be performed by Green Genomix, a third-party researcher, or a collaboration between Green Genomix and a third-party researcher.

Your consent to participate in this research is completely voluntary and is not required to use any of our products or services. Even if you consent to participate in the research, you may withdraw your consent at any time, but your information will not be removed from research that is in progress or completed. We encourage you to carefully read the full text below before deciding whether to give consent.

  1. How do I participate?
  2. By agreeing to this consent form you are allowing Green Genomix and its affiliates to use your Genetic Information for the purpose of scientific research. If you agree to participate in this research you may be asked to provide Green Genomix with additional information through the form of surveys or features on the website. Your Genetic Information may be used to the effects of cannabis on human health and wellbeing as well as to assess the relation between human genetics and cannabis consumption.

  3. How will you protect my data?
  4. Green Genomix takes data protection very seriously. As described in our Privacy Statement , we utilize a range of policies and procedures to protect your data from unauthorized access while you are using the Green Genomix Services. Please review our Privacy Policy for more detailed information on data protection policies in regards to the use of genetic Information for research purposes.

  5. Are there risks to participating?
  6. There are some potential risks to consenting to having your data used for research purposes. There is the potential that your data, survey responses, and/or personally identifying information could become compromised in the event of a security breach. Although we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that your data will be safe as stated above we implement and maintain strong policies and procedures in place to minimize the possibility of a security breach.If Green Genomix or any of its affiliates publish results from this research, your Genetic Information may be made public, but only as part of aggregated results across many people, minimizing the chance that your personal information could be identified.When biological samples are physically transferred from us to any research affiliates, there is a risk that the samples could be lost or stolen while in transit or storage. We take precautions to reduce the likelihood that this will happen and your biological samples are never transferred with your any personally identifying information.There may be additional risks to participation that are currently unforeseeable.

  7. Do I have to participate?
  8. No, your consent to participate in Green Genomix Research is completely voluntary. If you choose not to consent to you can still use any and all Services, including activating your DNA test and receiving your DNA results.At any time, you may choose to change your consent status to either take part in Green Genomix Research or to withdraw all or some of your Genetic Information for research purposes. If you withdraw all or some of your Genetic Information, we will prevent that information from being used in any new research initiated after 30 days from receipt of your request (it may take up to 30 days to withdraw your information after you withdraw your consent). Any research on your data that has been performed or published prior to this date will not be reversed, undone, or withdrawn.To withdraw your consent please contact Green Genomix customer service here.