The science behind it

The variants (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs) an individual possesses contributes to who they are and how they respond to their environment. Some of these variants are responsible for how one experiences the effects of cannabinoids in their body.

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Variants and Qualities



Several variants are tested for which directly relate to anxiety. Some experience a reduction in anxiety when using cannabis and others experience an increase.

Mood and Behavior

Mood & Behavior

Cannabis often alters one’s mood and behavior, which is why we test for more than 5 variants that relate to mood and behavior.



We test multiple variants that relate to the effect that cannabis can have on one’s working memory and concentration.



Everyone metabolizes cannabinoids differently due to variety in their biochemical makeup, which is why we analyze multiple variants related to metabolism.

Pain Perception

Pain Perception

Many people use cannabis for pain management as it can alter one’s pain perception in a way that ultimately decreases the sensation of pain.

Endocannabinoid Sensitivity

ECS Sensitivity

Insight into the Endocannabinoid System can help people understand what dose of THC and/or CBD to consume because we each have a different level of sensitivity to cannabinoids.

How is your DNA analyzed?

A US lab with 8+ years of experience

Our partner lab believes in the highest possible quality when it comes to DNA analysis. They understand that data quality and accuracy is everything and thus apply the strictest process controls, laboratory process precision, and state of the art technology. SNP genotyping takes place with Illumina’s flagship next-generation genotyping instrument - the iScan System.

  • Our partner lab is highly experienced in genomics
  • CLIA certified lab
  • Our analysis method uses an Illumina chip (next generation genotyping array) and is analyzed by the Illumina iScan System
  • More than 400k genetic variants are analyzed
  • Our DNA collection device is FDA approved
  • Average lab turn-around time of 2-3 weeks
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Looking for more technical information?

Here's some studies describing the science behind some of the genetic variants we test for and how they relate to cannabis.